torstai 18. elokuuta 2011

A year of my life...

... has passed since I last wrote an entry here. Welcome, dear readers! The year has been a roller coaster (when is it not?). After coming home from Vietnam I gave myself the permission to be a student, nothing more, for the coming year with all the benefits it gives. For the outside viewer this meant a lot of activities, happenings and travels. What a bliss to be carefree, without responsabilities, without nobody to worry about, with absolute control over my schedule and my daily routines. Never again will I have this freedom, so I need to remind myself that I used it well. Thankfully there are pictures to remind me of that, like this picture of the sky during the last evening of Pori Jazz Festival (photo taken with my telephone, quite happy with my Nokia!).

The most useful thing I did this year was to graduate. It was never a question of if I could do it but rather when I would do it, when I would be ready to face what it brings along. Am I ready now? No, by no means. So what you will be witnessing now is the transformation from a reckless student to a responsible careerwoman. I just hope that the transformation resembles that of a butterfly, that the true beauty of life is reached only after the process.

In one week I will return to Mexico where I spent a year of my life earlier on. When I come back, I'll spend one day in Finland and then be off to Brussels, Belgium, where I'll be doing a 3-month internship at the Finnish representation at the EU. I'll be home for Christmas and from there on it's an open road. Some plans are growing but more certainty will be reached along the way.

So as you see, I have managed quite well to avoid "adulthood" if you wish. My mind has gone through the theories of fear of growing up, of taking responsability and of throwing my life to waste. Also inability to commit myself to anything and hyperactivity disorder have been probable explanations. But then I thought, who cares? The ones who think that everything should be done by the book, that's who. If I'm happy, if I'm not hurting or causing trouble to anybody, then why couldn't I live like this forever if I like? Understanding this has brought peace to me. I will see, learn and live for as long as my moral and emotional obligations let me. Then it's time for reassesment.

This is the beginning of yet another adventure, not only for me but for you as well. You never know what life brings along. I would be more than happy to know who reads this blog even occasionally but more importantly, what goes on in YOUR lives. Thank you for being here.

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  1. Thanks for a great opening after a year of silence. I wish you all the best, enjoy your travel - I promise to do so, too.

    See you soon,

  2. Travel safe, get to know new people, have a blast and ENJOY life!! :) Many hugs!

  3. Salainen ihailija ilmoittautuu :)

  4. Det var ju djupt, låter som Hanna! :) Tack för sällskapet på lö. Ses om några veckor igen!

  5. Salainen (malttamaton) ihailija16. syyskuuta 2011 klo 19.50

    Postauksia kehiin :)