sunnuntai 18. syyskuuta 2011

Bonjour à tous!

Three days in Brussels have passed. This is the current setting:

I'm doing an internship at the Finnish permanent representation at the EU. Clearly speaking, it's the miniature government of Finland at the EU. It is us who participate in all the meetings, speak in the name of Finland and report back to our country of what is going on. My work involves security. Armed conflicts, civil actions, anything that the EU and/or Finland is involved in. Sofar I've attended a couple of meetings and wondered around the European Council building like a question mark but it will be fine.

I still don't have a place of my own. I'm trying, believe me. Foolishly I turned down some offers that were bad but in this situation I'm far less picky. Now I'm thanking any god out there that I have a roof over my head. A Finnish friend heard my cry earlier and gave me the name of a friend of hers who lives here in Brussels. I contacted her and since Wednesday, I've been crashing at her place. It's wonderful to meet people like that and in addition, this person is very nice too. I can't stay here for long, though, my conscience wont permit it.

Talking about apartment hunting - last night I went to see a room. The "landlord" had gotten 134 inquiries about the room, so being elected is almost like winning the lottely. I don't have my hopes too up.

My French.. Well, I speak, I'm understood most of the times but in social settings I just can't do it yet. My time here wont change it and francly, I'm not all into learning French perfectly, but I manage.

Brussels. Well, sofar I know very little. There are tons of people in their late 20's here. Interns, officials, explorers, immigrants. It's a busy city with people working excessively, so also the entertainment is heavy. Once I manage to find a place, I'll explore more like I usually do (and when I get my bicycle!).

So this is me now. There's a lot of Finns here. They're all nice but I'm struggling a bit. I'd like to socialize more with diverse people but it's just sooo easy to stick with the Finns. Let's see what happens this fall. Three months is nothing. Three months may be everything. Time will tell.

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  1. Bonjour, mademoiselle Seppä!

    Kiva kun ehdit kirjoitella vähän kuulumisia. Toivon todella, että asuntopuolella lykästäisi viimeinkin. Ja kyllä se ranskakin pian muuttuu passiivisesta aktiiviseksi :) Yritä olla stressaamatta, kaikki järjestyy (ja joo, mä olen varmaan paraskin sanomaan näin).

  2. Kyllähän ne asiat siitä suttaantui. Löysin halvan ja hyvin mielenkiintoisen asunnon (kirjoitan siitä sitten kun en kuluta työaikaa blogini kirjoittamiseen :P ) ja kuukausikortti julkisiinkin on hankittuna joten täällä nyt asutaan. Vielä kun ihmisiin tutustuu ja löytää vähän omat kuvionsa niin ilo irtoaa.