tiistai 22. toukokuuta 2012

Something to lose, something to gain

I'll leave Cordoba this Friday. The four days of next week I can take off so I'm heading to northern Argentina very soon. I'll be there for maybe a week. Then I'll cross the border to Bolivia, do a tour on the Uyuni salt flat (where I'll most likely freeze to death) and slowly head north towards La Paz. After that I'll somehow try to get to eastern Bolivia (where it's supposedly warm and I'm happy). There's a train from Santa Cruz to the Brazilian border and in that area is Pantanal, a huge natural reserve with abundant wildlife. The 27th of June my flight leaves from São Paulo via London to Helsinki.

This is the plan.

The last few days have, as expected, been very active. We've danced a lot. I went to an advanced tango class with a friend, ready to be eaten alive, but noticed that with good dancers I'm good too. In the milonga (the place to dance tango freely) people actually asked me to dance and I started liking Argentinian tango. Now there are a few more things to do and a few more people to meet and then the time is up. Hope this will be a fun week!

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