torstai 3. toukokuuta 2012

This is my home

I live in Córdoba about 10 blocks from the main square. I live in a house that is in the middle of the block with a small garden and a barbecue, so it is very peaceful and quiet here, which is very rare in a big city like Cordoba. That's why people usually comment that the house is simply wonderful.

We are four people in the house. Silvia is a Spanish girl. She was here last year working as a volunteer. She found a boyfriend, went home in December as planned but then returned in March to Córdoba. After one month of intense job search, she found a good place that matched her curriculum. Now the major employment problems of Spain don't affect her and she can basically stay here as long as she pleases.

Nawal is from France. She's doing a 6-month internship at a company working with intercultural exchange (internships, volunteering, language courses...). Her Spanish has gotten a lot better during these two months. It was with her that we went hiking in the Alpes. She has a really good camera and an infinite reserve of cookies.

Matt is the newest member of the household. He's an Australian who initially found an Argentinian girlfriend that he followed to Buenos Aires. That relationship didn't work out but the love affair with Argentina continued. Now Matt has been living in Argentina on/off for almost 2 years and he's planning to stay for as long as it's nice. He teaches English in different companies like in the Fiat factory.

The house is rented by a foundation called Plurales. Apparently it is active in rural areas in northern Argentina but that's about everything I know. They have meetings here during the weekdays so there's usually people here. It's fine though, I can escape to my big room with a heater that works well although the gas leak forces me to keep the window open even if it's cold. The problem with local gas heaters is that the toilet and the kitchen get very cold. Good thing we have very hot water (also heated with gas).

The rent for my room (in a house shared with three other people) is a bit over 200 euros per month. Considering the low salaries, the general price level and the high inflation, living here is very expensive

This is a good house, excellent location and very nice flatmates. Very happy here :)

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