maanantai 29. joulukuuta 2014

Why, oh why?

Blogs. Glimpses of life, fears and sorrows. Without any knowledge (or much interest) it seems the most popular one's have to do with food, fashion, life in general and health and exercise. Now, my blog that indeed is alive even today is about life. Not my personal life but the life I see through my eyes.

The survival of this blog is an interesting, curious, heart warming and surprising thing. It is not my merit but instead the one's who return here to read my texts. During these past few months people from near and far have casually mentioned mentioned this blog in one way or another. Blogger statistics confirms a steady flow of visitors even though there has been nothing but silence.

If you read this you probably know me. You know that staying in touch is not my forté. You also know that I value nothing as highly as people with a kind heart. These are the people I want to keep in my life, These also happen to be the people who return here every now and then. Life has offered me many joys, many more than I have shared with you here. As a woman a few years older, wiser and more experienced, I offer my compassion and understanding to those who are near. To those of you who aren't - rest assured - I now see a purpose with this blog.

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