maanantai 12. toukokuuta 2014

A new setting

Sometimes I remember the existense of this blog. Like now, sitting on my sofa, updating my bookmarks and finding this page among the tens and tens of bookmarks saved. The use of this blog is fairly limited although I seem to have quite an international and exotic "fanbase" :) People blog a lot about everything and nothing. We all could have our own blogs, showing a fabulous side of our quite mediocre lives. So, a blog need a purpose other than boosting my own ego. Therefore, my intentions are very limited in updating this page. Nevertheless, I will give you the fruits of my bookmark list:

Blog Wait but why
Podcast Smart people
TedX Talks on Youtube
Radio 93.9 Latin music
Radio relaxation radio
Audiobooks Librivox
Search engine
Documentary The Story of Stuff

Everything great and out of the ordinary is more than welcome here!

Hugs from Helsinki!

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