perjantai 7. lokakuuta 2011

The busy me

Thank you for your birthday wishes! It is nice to be remembered, I guess that's what we all want in the end. Well, my birthday turned out to be a bit different. The day at work was long, it started earlier and ended later than normally. The other interns that I had invited for dinner worked even later than me and Mr. Mhamed called me crying that he was sick (by this rate there is almost nothing with him that could surprise me anymore). So I went to eat cake and a falafel. Then I walked around in the city in my high heel boots and felt beautiful. Later I spent some nice hours on Skype.

October always feels like my month although this week has been very intense at work. Big meetings coming up and 27 countries trying to find an agreement on issues regarding conflict zones in the Middle East and Africa. That equals long days. At the same time I'll be travelling significantly. Tomorrow my dad will come here and we'll spend a long weekend in France. The next weekend I'll go for some days to Southern France to Montpellier to visit a dear friend who's there in exchange (big meetings taking place here in Brussels so the meeting venues are all closed, so I'm on "forced" holiday). I'm back on Tuesday. On Friday my mum and my brother will come here. Over the weekend (I'm free on Monday again) we'll go exploring the Netherlands. They'll be here for almost a week.

I kind of promised to myself that this time in Brussels would be different, that I would relax more, sleep in on weekends and not try to explore and see everything. Well... I'll try that in November. After this month, I will without a doubt need a vacation. Sleep, a very light movie to watch and simple, unhealthy food that's easy to prepare. Mmm... Oh yeah, then comes the All Saints Day that's a national holiday and there are no meeting so I'm employless for two days again. I'm hoping I can use my extra hours to take entire days off and to go to the countryside here.

So now I'm trying to find a B&B in the Picardy region for my dad and me. I come in late, I leave early (and in the mean time help Mhamed, like today that I helped him to connect his computer to wireless internet and to change his photo on Facebook. I also showed him how to send an email :P He still doesn't know how to read text messages but it seems to be a big problem to tackle). In short, I highly appreciate your messages and I will get back to you who took the time to write me longer messages, it just wont be right away.

Thanks for being here!

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