maanantai 3. lokakuuta 2011

Quarter of a century

My 25th birthday is next week. A quarter of a century. Always I feel very mature, only to later notice that I was very wrong back then. Adulthood is not yet mine but I surely like to act accordingly. Having the bad habit of giving impeccable advice to everybody who don't even ask for it is a good sign of that. The trick would be to accept that I'm not always right. That wouldn't be too fun though. So, even now that I feel grown up, I will be laughing so hard at some stupidities that race in my mind.

Someone asked my age last Friday and I automatically answered "25". Later I understood that this is probably the last time that I anticipate my birthday. Being 25 most people have what they want in life. They have money, they're active, they probably have a partner by then, they stil have a youthful appearance and they actually get taken seriously. 19 is a nice (and legal!) age too but frankly, in the long run it would be frustrating to be called a girl all the time.

Again I was reminded about how fragile life is. How grateful we should be to be able to celebrate our birthday and to celebrate the gift of life. In the end, are you any less of a person with the years? Are you any less attractive when in stead of the smoothness of your skin you have self-confidence and experice? No. The years should be appreciated as such and not hidden under a net of lies. I do hope that I never feel a true need to lie about my age. It would be like denying everything I am, like begging forgiveness for who I am and what I have lived. Great goal. The only problem is that I'm saying this now that I'm 24-years-old. My mind might change rapidly when gravity starts to have a serious effect on my body.

When I think of the wonderful birthday's I've had - cardboard hats for my guests, the several meringue cakes in our dining room, the cake for my 18th birthday, the first time in Marilyn in Turku, the action day me being blindfolded, La Doña, laser tag... Beautiful moments that I've shared with you. So what are the plans this time? Thrilling. Yay. Last week Mhamed announced me very proudly that we were to go to a Moroccan restaurant together with his mother (who btw only speaks Arabic). This could be quite so interesting that I'm actually going - not that I would have several better plans. Above all, this will be yet another memorable day.

On Thursday we'll go out with some new interns to Place du Luxembourg where the traditional and incredibly popular after work takes place. It's just a bunch of young people in suits drinking beer but still it's quite nice. Then on Friday my dad will come to visit me here. Yay!! Really happy to have him here. Plus we're renting a car and making a road trip either to the Netherlands or France for 3 days. When dad's gone, I'll meet a Finnish friend here etc. This is how life rolls on and I'm eager to see every day of it.

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