torstai 27. lokakuuta 2011

Temporary relief

Greetings from a new home! I'm sitting on my bed, watching out the window to a peaceful street in a nice, very Belgian neighborhood and feeling relaxed. My mum and brother came to visit me last week and we explored a bit of the Dutch countryside, riding roller-coasters and eating cheese. Now, back in Brussels, my folks safely in Finland, I feel it surely is time to rest.

The move-out-move-in went quite well in the end. Now I have a key to my new place and all my things in one place so it's good. In 30 minutes I'm meeting Mhamed again. We haven't had contact since last Thursday when I was kicked out. Then we agreed that I'd call him this weeks Thursday, which I did, and now we're meeting so that he would give me back my money. I have no idea what's going on with him, no doubt it shall be interesting hearing all the stories he has to tell this time.

I'm not really sure what to expect of this encounter. On the phone Mhamed said we should have a cup of coffee - I'm just worried that's because he need to explain how tough his life is and how he still doesn't have the money. Mhamed isn't by the way apparently making an effort anymore with his talking. He has somehow stopped speaking in full sentences and in stead speaks out randomly chosen words and fills out the blanks with gestures. On the phone for natural reasons that doesn't work so I felt quite stupid asking excuse me after everything he said. What a weird guy.

Last week I wrote to the local authority that helps foreigners in Brussels about this issue, mainly considering possible lost of money, identity theft and my name getting mixed up in thing I don't know about. They called me on Tuesday, basically saying that "Bad luck with the money, next time don't pay in advance", "You shouldn't worry about identity theft" and "What possible harm could come of this afterwards?". Gee, thanks.

 So, now I'm off to see what more surprises lay ahead. Wish me luck!

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