maanantai 9. tammikuuta 2012

Snow and sunshine


Christmas and New Year, return from Brussels and exciting news from South America are now beautiful memories. As expected and as usual, my last month in Brussels was intense, crazy and fun. No time for updating, too busy living. Even my diary is shining with empty pages.

The year of 2011 was good to me. Very good. I graduated, had many parties, was employed by two really good places, did some mystery shopping along with it, went to Russia and to many other places, returned to Mexico to find out what I have become, met great great people, got mentally challenged and laughed in tears several times. I grew.

This is supposedly it. I'm a Master of Laws, I'm an adult. Though, my financial independence will be threatened again if I don't start making a decent living within a year. It remains to be seen what will come. It remains to be seen what will become of me. A lawyer? Probably not. Successful? Maybe. A mother? I hope so. A retired person with good health? Will do everything to ensure that. Happy? Yes.

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