keskiviikko 1. helmikuuta 2012


Two weeks. In two weeks I'll be sitting in an airplane for 12 hours flying from London to Rio de Janeiro. Then it is time to be soaked up by the carnival atmosphere of Rio and to avoid thieves in the best possible way.

The facts are the following:

- Departure: February 14th, route Pori - Helsinki - London - Rio.
- Return: June 28th, route São Paulo - London - Helsinki - Pori.
- City: Córdoba, Argentina
- Home: No idea. My official contact in Córdoba is supposed to arrange me a place to stay but probably I'll get a place the same day I arrive. Mañana..
- Employer: Campo de la Ribera. More on this later when I actually know what it is all about.
- Post-travelling: Bolivia
- Finance: Hoping that the subsidy from the government will suffice. If not, it's a good thing I'm not a big spender.

The battle with my backbag has also begun. How to pack for a hot (Rio), temperate (Córdoba) and cold (Bolivia) climate and still have the bag weigh less than 15 kg? Beats me... Jumping from a Finnish beautiful winter to a hot steamy Rio summer is nice of course but it's wonderful to be here too. Time flies and soon I will too.

Two weeks.

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  1. Försökte googla... :D

  2. Heheh början låter ju int så bra men alltså jo, de e f.d. fängelse som ligger nuförtiden i slummen. Fortfarande centrum för utbildning och mänskliga rättigheter, jag blev "hand picked" dit så hoppas jag kan hjälpa till.

    Sara, tack!!! Tack att du kommentera :) Ja ser i statistiken här att mänskor läser bloggen men dom kommenterar int. Så tack :P