keskiviikko 8. helmikuuta 2012

Almost, almost..

With the excitement of soon heading for new adventures comes the urge to write here every two hours.

The main thought at this moment is that the conception of time is funny. When we were children waiting for something to happen in one week's time was torturous. Now I meet friends I haven't seen in 5 months and everything is like it has always been. When we part, I say "See you in July!" and that's fine. No big tears shred or promises of never forgetting the other person.

There are three reasons why it's easy to leave.

1. I've done it before a few time so people and I are more used to it.

2. Even though there are issues and problems I could tackle, I know people here will be more or less fine without me for now.

3. I don't have a mortgage, a husband or a dog waiting for me here.

So off I go while I still can.

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