maanantai 6. helmikuuta 2012

Energy boost

You know the feeling when your vacation is about to end and you feel like you still have loads of things to do? Well, that's what I'm experiencing now. Apparently time is never enough. During this past week I've cooked and cleaned more than I have done during my entire "holiday". Mum has been very happy and my brother has done his homework on his own initiative several times. It's been a good time.

Now there are still some things to be done. Tomorrow I'll go once more to Turku to take the judicial oath. It's a technical remnant. The oath enables me to apply to a year-long traineeship at a court, which gives the title of "vice judge". An official occasion, I'll have to wear a black suit, swear the oath and then walk backwards out of the room! Out of respect, they say..

Most likely I wont become a judge nor will I have any actual benefit of this but then there are a couple more "important" people who have seen me. Who knows, maybe I'll be accepted for the traineeship (I could ramble about the selection procedure of the the traineeship but I better not). Dad comes along and we'll visit two friend's of his. A nice way of spending the last days here.

One week.

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