perjantai 13. huhtikuuta 2012


It's photo time! No, I'm not uploading photos here, the ones I want to share reach the random public better on Facebook. If you're not registered, click this LINK so you get access to the photos. Sofar I've uploaded photos from a trek and the photos from my recent trip to central Chile and Mendoza in eastern Argentina.

Overall it was a wonderful trip. I spent 18 hours in bus getting to Valparaiso in Chile, stayed there 3 nights, then back to Mendoza in Argentina. Chile was notably different to Argentina (that's what also the Argentinians say). It's more organized, people respect the rules more. It's "colder" litterally but also in the sense that there isn't as much of the warm lifestyle that is almost adorable in latinos. The man I sat next to in the bus said that Chileans want to work whereas Argentinians try every trick to avoid working. Well, Chile is going strong and together with Brazil it's said to be the leading star of South American economy. Maybe it's culture, maybe it's politics.

I did also traditional couchsurfing for the first time in a long time. Usually I just meet people through CS but in Valparaiso I stayed with a guy named Francisco. He had a huge house all to himself so we were 3 surfers staying at his place. The great thing was that we all hit it off really well and I was reminded of the grandeur of peoples hospitality. Couchsurfing really represents a great ideology and brings together likeminded people. If you don't know it yet, check out this link.

Now I'm off to dance a little, tomorrow it's my turn to cook at work. Also our workshops will finally start so he have people representing the press and the cultural scene visiting La Ribera. Plus my flatmate will get a tattoo :P

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