maanantai 9. huhtikuuta 2012

We see the same moon

A couple of nights ago the moon was full and bright. I was trekking with my flatmate and our guide in the Andes. The days had been warm so the night wasn't too cold up in the mountain. There is very little vegetation so the light reflected from the moon was bright. In the middle of the night it would have been possible to read a book outside. I had a visible shadow behind me and a fascinating view in front of me.

Standing there, outside and alone, I thought about an album by Mr. Presidents called "We see the same sun". We see the same moon, too. You saw that same moon even though you were probably several thousand kilometers away. The moon, the mountains, the sky, everything exists and keeps on existing with or without us. We are ants. We work, fill our purpose in life and then die. All our joys and sorrows, albeit significant for us, are only drops in the ocean, insignificant parts of the big picture.

When did we stop being humble and instead started acting as lords of the universe?

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